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O Olive Oil

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With high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and K, and certain antioxidants, olive oil is considered highly nutritious.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a number of Benefits:

1) Protects Heart Health
2) Helps Fight Cancer
3) Helps with Weight Loss and Obesity Prevention
4) Supports Brain Health
5) Fights Mood Disorders and Depression
6) Great for Boosting Skin Health
7) Can Help Prevent or Treat Diabetes
8) Helps Balance Hormones

Over the last few months, I have been trying to increase the amount of healthy fats in my diet.  While I consume avocados, nuts and seeds, and coconut oil pretty regularly, olive oil has become a staple in my day to day life – especially since I discovered O Olive Oil.

I am absolutely in love with O Olive Oils. There are a variety of flavors, but my personal favorites so far are Organic Blood Oranges, Organic Meyer Lemons, and Fresh Basil. I pour it on salads, vegetables, on different meats, and fish. It almost makes me happy that I have Celiac Disease, because I might not have discovered these incredible olive oils.

Now, you may be thinking, are these olive oils legit? Or are they like the many fake olive oils that line the shelves of our grocery store. Check out O Olive Oil process below (direct from their website):

O SELECTS OLIVES GROWN NATURALLY IN the small farms that dot the northern valleys of California. Farms owned and cultivated by the same families for generations. The olives are hand-harvested into 1,000 lbs. wooden bins and rushed to the olive press where they are crushed within 48 hours.
RIPE MISSION OLIVES VARY FROM rich black to reddish-purple to deep green. These pesticide-free olives produce a delicate and smooth oil to complement the crisp notes of the various citrus fruits that we crush together.
SINCE THE BEGINNING, O HAS used only certified organic citrus from small, family-owned California farms. Folks who love the land. No pesticides. No chemicals. No hormones. Just sweet, juicy, California lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, or clementines.
IT’S DAYBREAK IN CALIFORNIA. THE crush is on! Fresh from the olive and citrus orchards the trucks roll in. Ripe with the harvest of the season. Friends and family gather. Citrus fruit is washed as soon as it arrives from the nearby orchards and is ready to be crushed with the olives.
ORGANIC CITRUS IS CRUSHED TOGETHER with the fresh olives. It takes about 1½ lbs. of fresh, whole citrus to make each bottle of oil. We neither infuse nor flavor after the fact. You get the whole fruit. The difference is irresistible!
WE HAVE BUT A NARROW WINDOW when both olives and citrus are ripe and ready for the crush. It’s worth the wait. Imagine the first time the 4,000-pound stone wheel of the press begins its slow turn. Dark olives and ripe citrus together. The early California sun. The chill morning air. The heady scent of lemons or oranges crushed with olives.
CRUSHED ONE BATCH AT A TIME. Slowly. Deliberately. Well worth it. Soon the first precious drops of nectar appear. Then a golden, decadent flow. Delicious! We have captured the taste of California sunshine. Oil that tastes fresh-squeezed! Enjoy!
california mission olives crushed with organic citrus! The original since 1995

O Olive Oils come in a Variety of Flavors, check them out below!!!

O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

O Blood Orange Olive Oil
O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil
O Roasted Garlic Olive Oil

O Fresh Basil Olive Oil

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